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Ten Years Of Universe Media

Ten Years Of Universe Media

We at Universe Media have the pleasure of compiling some of our favourite tunes we have released over the last ten years.

Our sound is deep and soulful but with a proper underground vibe, much to the credit some of the artists often spring boarded from humble beginnings on Universe Media to being well known in the industry. We have been around the Universe working with renowned talents such as Michael Watford, Kathy Brown, LT Brown, Dawn Tallman, Stephanie Cooke, Lisa Millett to name a few.

A massive thank you to all those involved on our journey and a big blessing to the many that have gone to higher dimensions but have supported us on the way.
Special Thanks to those who helped and added direction on the journey through the Universe: Timmy Vegas, Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart, DJ Ciappy & Davide, Booker T, Ricky Morrison, Richard Earnshaw, Russell@ Prime & Dave Anthony.

Also, A Big thank you to Frankie Knuckles & Romanathony. We miss you guys

Martina Lancaster - A&R director

We Fall Down : Triple Dee Mix (7:18 ) :  Universe Project V DCS, Jennifer Wallace,

Find Strength: Dave Anthony Remix (6:40) : Montana & Stewart, Dawn Tallman

Groove School : Grant Nelson Remix (7:26) : DeepCitySoul

Baddest Bitch : Original mix(7:02) : Kathy Brown Ricky Morrison

Lovelight Flight : Earnshaw's Deep & Modified Vocal (7:27) : Reagan Grey, Ingrid Jones

Killing Time: Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix (6:59) : Tiger S, Aphrodisiax

Love For Now: Ricky Morrison Sure Shot Vox (6:55) : LT Brown, Nicc Johnson

Ex Ray: Shane D's Re-Funked Mix (6:54) : Rainy Payne, Richard Pring

Night Life : Risk Assessment Vocal Mix (6:14) : Brian Lucas, Dave Anthony  

Don't Give Up : Dave Doyle (7:43) :  Russoul, Davide Murri, Ciappy DJ

Tell Me Something : David Anthony Vocal Remix (6:46) : Mr Nuggett, Pete Simpson

Last Dance : Ricky Morrison Unreleased Klub Mix (7:54) : Stephanie Cooke

Faith : Soul Groove Mix-RM Re-Edit (8:12) : Lisa Millett, DJ Shaheer Williams, Michael Watford

As Is The Ocean : Knee Deep Mix (7:41) : Timmy Vegas, Demarkus Lewis


Ten Years Of Universe Media

Realease Mixes

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Call Him Up

Call Me Up

Call Him Up

We are proud to present a big collaboration between London DJ/producer David Anthony aka Da Vibes and house music legendary vocalist, Michael Procter.
It's a classic gospel fuelled, uplifting house package with Bennett Holland supplying the keys and Brian Lucas on bass guitar.
On remixes we have Groove Junkies interpretation of the original flavour with their usual flair. Soulfuledge brings his creative touch on his dub mix to make this release one we are proud to present.
Thank you for your continuing support.

Call Him Up

Realease Mixes

Call Him Up: David Anthony - Classic Mix (7:43)

Call Him Up: Groove Junkies Rerub (7:20)

Call Him Up: Soulfuledge's Jungle Swamp Dub (6:00)

Call Him Up: Groove Junkies Hookstrumental (7:20)

Call Him Up: David Anthony Classic Instrumental Mix (7:43)

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Be Free

Be Free by Bob Howard, Lisa Millett

Be Free

01 Soul Vibes Mix (6:56)
02 Klub Mix (7:03)
03 Original Mix (4:56)
04 AL Meer Remix (5:30)
05 Dub Mix (5:48)
06 Soul Vibes Instrumental (6:56)

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Baddest Bitch

Baddest Bitch

Universe Media are very proud to present House music Diva Kathy Brown with the remake of Norma Jean Bell 90s Classic Disco Hit Baddest Bitch.
Lisa Millett on Bvs
Sax by Adriano Rossetti
Written By Norma Jean Bell
published by Sexy Sax Publishing

Baddest Bitch: Ricky Morrison Original Vox (7:02)

Baddest Bitch: David Anthony Vocal Deep Mix (7:33)

Baddest Bitch: Soulfuledge Remix (6:28)

Baddest Bitch: David Anthony Beats Dub (5:42)

Baddest Bitch: Ricky Morrison Dub (6:45)

Baddest Bitch: Ricky Morrison Dub Inst (5:59)

Baddest Bitch: Soulfuledge Bad Bitch Dub (5:49)

Baddest Bitch: Ricky Morrison Original Inst (7:02)

Baddest Bitch: David Anthony Beats (5:26)


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Dj Shaheer Williams feat Micheal Watford " Faith " produced by Shaheer Williams for Soul Groove Music. Written and arranged by Shaheer Williams soul groove music.
Remixes By Ricky Morrison & David Anthony
Additional Vocals By Lisa Millett
Additional Keyboards Benett Holland on
David Anthony's Gospel Remix

Please Send Demos to info@unuiversemedia.co.uk

Faith: DJ Shaheer Williams Soul Groove Mix (8:12)

Faith: David Anthony Gospel Dub Mix (7:28)

Faith: Ricky Morrison Klub Dub Vox (7:45)

Faith: David Anthony Gospel DubKeys Mix (8:15)

Faith: Ricky Morrison Klub Instrumental (6:28)

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Love for Now

Love For Now

Please Send Demos to info@unuiversemedia.co.uk

Love For Now: Ricky Morrison Sure Shot Vocal (6:55)

Love For Now: David Anthony Club Remix (6:40)

Love For Now: Ricky Morrison Sure Shot Dub Mix (6:42)

Love For Now: David Anthony Instrumental Mix (6:40)

Love For Now: Ricky Morrison Sure Shot Instrumental Mix (6:55)

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UM075 | 2015-02-12

Unreleased Project Vol. 1

This digital deep and soulful  release includes 7 additional remixes  by respected house veterans; Richard Earnshaw, Ricky Morrison, David Anthony , Doobie J and the talented KlevaKeys.

The amazing vocals from Stephanie Cooke, Dawn Tallman , Kafele Bandele & Eliki  and Sophia Rubina just had to be revisited again  with fresh remixes from previous original singles by Montana & Stewart for Universe Media.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists and producers involved with a special thanks to Johnny Montana for his original productions on Universe media.

copyright Media Universe Ltd trading as Universe media , DCS Trax, Universecity.

Love Is The Key: Richard Earnshaw Mix

Last Dance: Ricky Morrison Unreleased Klub Mix (7:54)

Last Dance: Ricky Morrison Last Dance Dub (6:53)

Find Strength: David Anthony Club Vocal Remix (6:40)

You: Klevakeys Feel Good Party Remix (6:50)

I Want You Back: Doobie J Upendo Tribe Remix (6:51)

I Want You Back: Doobie J Upendo Tribe Dub Remix (6:51)

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Tell Me Something


Tell Me Something: Montana & Stewart Remix (6:11)

Tell Me Something: Al Kent Mix (7:25)

Tell Me Something: Original Club Mix (6:26)

Tell Me Something: David Anthony Vocal Remix (6:48)

Tell Me Something: Mind Street Remix (7:18)

Tell Me Something: DJ SGZ Afrolicious Mix (7:39)


Tell Me Something

DJs Playing:
Tony Humphries, Danny Krivit, Marshall Jefferson, Richard Earnshaw, Mr V, DJ Meme, Opolopo, Groove Assassin, Souldynamic, Hippie Torrales, Mark Di Meo, Ricky Inch, Andy Compton, Steven Stone, Mark Picchiotti, Nick Power (Soul Kandi), Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)

Universe Media welcomes the brilliant singer/songwriter Pete Simpson along with top dance music producer, spoken word artist & promoter Mr Nugget. Both from the UK, Pete originally from Sheffield now based in Austria is of course lead singer of Joey Negros Sunburst Band, and Nugz from London town. They collaborate here on this wonderful soulful number fit for the club, radio and your bar & bbq gigs with Nugz track complimenting Pete's amazing voice perfectly.

To add different directions to this beautiful vocal we have brought in some very talented people.

First up our very own Montana & Stewart give it the full treatment, then we're absolutely thrilled to bring in the Scottish disco/soul maestro Al Kent who hits us with a superb soulful jam. Universe Media's David Anthony from London who back in Feb 2013 gave us "So Sweet" gives it his dance floor treatment. French label favourites Mind Street drop a stunning! track fit for any occasion and we welcome South Africa's DJ SGZ for the first time who adds an afro feel to the vibe.

Montana & Stewart Remix:
Produced Arranged & Mixed By: Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart
Keys: Richard Earnshaw
Montana & Stewart Management, Martina: info@universemedia.co.uk

Mind Street Remix:
Programmed, Arranged, Produced by Mind Street for NuDirections 2013
Recorded & Mixed by Mind Street @NuDirections Studio
Guitar by Djul Lacharme

Mastered by Benedict for phutureaudio.co.uk

Copyright control Media Universe Ltd T/A Universe Media / DCSTrax / Universe City
Demos/Enquires: info@universemedia.co.uk

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You: Original Live Session (7:32)

You: Original Jazz Ensemble Mix (8:50)

You: Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Mix (5:27)

You: Steven Stone Remix (6:57)

You: Mind Street Mix (9:21)

You: Boddhi Satva Musicapella Mix (5:26)


Heavyweight Support:
Danny Krivit, Charles Webster, Terry Hunter, Richard Earnshaw, Mr. V, Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin, The Mekanism, Reel People, Souldynamic, N'Dinga Gaba, Andy Compton, Lem Springsteen, Booker T, Shane D, Ricky Inch, Nick Power

Montana & Stewart & Stephanie Cooke are without doubt the perfect combination for soulful dance music heaven. And after the May 2013 worldwide smash hit "Think I'm Falling", its now time to unleash the second of four forthcoming projects featuring this wonderful trio.

Montana & Stewart yet again have called on their world class live musicians to express themselves to the maximum incl keys, drums, percussion, saxophone & bass guitar.

We present a remix cast to compliment Stephanie's incredible voice & writing skills incl Central African Republic supremo Boddhi Satva, Italian maestro based in Switzerland Steven Stone and the very hot in form French trio, Mind Street.

Montana & Stewart & Stephanie Cooke:
Produced arranged & mixed by: Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart.
Music written by: Jonny Montana, Bennett Holland & Craig Stewart.
Lyrics written & vocals performed by: Stephanie Cooke.
Bass guitar by: Silvio
Drums & Percussion by: Danny Ward aka Moodymanc aka Dubble D danny@dubbled.com
Saxophone by: Martin Seaman
Keys by: Bennett Holland
All mixes except Steven Stone mastered by: Benedict at Phuture Audio

Boddhi Satva remix:
Remix and additional production by: Boddhi Satva for Offering Recordings.
Recorded at Ngombi Studios

Remix, additional production & mastered by: Steven Stone

Mind Street remix:
Programmed, arranged, produced by: Mind Street for NuDirections 2013
Recorded & mixed by: Mind Street @NuDirections Studio
Additional percussion, bongos & ambiances by: Thierry Corneli

Copyright control Media Universe Ltd T/A Universe Media / DCSTrax / Universe City
Demos/Enquires: info@universemedia.co.uk

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