Ten Years Of Universe Media

We at Universe Media have the pleasure of compiling some of our favourite tunes we have released over the last ten years.

Our sound is deep and soulful but with a proper underground vibe, much to the credit some of the artists often spring boarded from humble beginnings on Universe Media to being well known in the industry. We have been around the Universe working with renowned talents such as Michael Watford, Kathy Brown, LT Brown, Dawn Tallman, Stephanie Cooke, Lisa Millett to name a few.

A massive thank you to all those involved on our journey and a big blessing to the many that have gone to higher dimensions but have supported us on the way.
Special Thanks to those who helped and added direction on the journey through the Universe: Timmy Vegas, Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart, DJ Ciappy & Davide, Booker T, Ricky Morrison, Richard Earnshaw, Russell@ Prime & Dave Anthony.

Also, A Big thank you to Frankie Knuckles & Romanathony. We miss you guys

Martina Lancaster - A&R director

We Fall Down : Triple Dee Mix (7:18 ) :  Universe Project V DCS, Jennifer Wallace,

Find Strength: Dave Anthony Remix (6:40) : Montana & Stewart, Dawn Tallman

Groove School : Grant Nelson Remix (7:26) : DeepCitySoul

Baddest Bitch : Original mix(7:02) : Kathy Brown Ricky Morrison

Lovelight Flight : Earnshaw's Deep & Modified Vocal (7:27) : Reagan Grey, Ingrid Jones

Killing Time: Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix (6:59) : Tiger S, Aphrodisiax

Love For Now: Ricky Morrison Sure Shot Vox (6:55) : LT Brown, Nicc Johnson

Ex Ray: Shane D's Re-Funked Mix (6:54) : Rainy Payne, Richard Pring

Night Life : Risk Assessment Vocal Mix (6:14) : Brian Lucas, Dave Anthony  

Don't Give Up : Dave Doyle (7:43) :  Russoul, Davide Murri, Ciappy DJ

Tell Me Something : David Anthony Vocal Remix (6:46) : Mr Nuggett, Pete Simpson

Last Dance : Ricky Morrison Unreleased Klub Mix (7:54) : Stephanie Cooke

Faith : Soul Groove Mix-RM Re-Edit (8:12) : Lisa Millett, DJ Shaheer Williams, Michael Watford

As Is The Ocean : Knee Deep Mix (7:41) : Timmy Vegas, Demarkus Lewis


Ten Years Of Universe Media

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